Foamboard 2017

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Artcare™ Archival Foamboard
GENERAL INFO - Artcare Archival Foamboard is a lightweight, rigid board, featuring alkaline pH liners of Artcare zeolite-bearing papers. The Artcare liners are available in 100% alpha cellulose in white and in black. Artcare Archival foamboard provides unique protective adsorption of compounds off-gassed by polystyrene foam as well as adsorption of environmental contaminants.
PH VALUE - 8.5-9.5
  • Artwork mounting and backing
  • Shelf and drawer liners
  • Model fabrication


Bainbridge® Clay-Coated Foamboard 
No other foamboard cuts cleaner! Lightweight yet sturdy enough to resist denting, ideal for all non-archival mounting applications. Crisp, clean cuts and edges every time. Clay-coated for an extra smooth surface, this multi-purpose foamboard is bright white on both sides.


Bainbridge® All Black Foamboard
Featuring a solid black core and dense satin finish on both sides
The perfect choice for virtually all mounting, including floating art in dimensional framing. Cuts cleanly, resists bowing and warping. The
ultra smooth surface and non-reflective finish are also scuff and scratch resistant.


Self-Adhesive Foamboard
Offering a quick mounting pressuresensitive alternative The ideal solution when cold mounting is required –it’s as easy as peel and stick. Bainbridge Self-Adhesive Foamboard is initially repositionable, but becomes permanent after 24 hours. The special pH-neutral adhesive creates a bond that is ultra smooth, strong, and will not dry or become brittle over time. Available in white and all black.


Heat-Activated Foamboard
Creating an ultrasmooth, strong permanent bond Contains a special
adhesive covering on one side of its clay-coated surface. A non-stick interleaving sheet is supplied as added protection for the artwork during the mounting process.