Ultimat Futura Matcutter


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Keencut Ultimat Futura builds on the unique versatility, advanced design and precision of the world leading Ultimat Gold to take manual matcutting to an ultra-high level of accurate, fast operation on all modern matboard of every type and thickness.

The Ultimat Futura matcutter features an all-new cutting head with built-in self aligning ball bearing rollers operating on twin steel tracks to deliver a sliding action that is smooth, precise and with no discernable friction under load. Maximum operator effort is transmitted to the blade to put the cutting of even 8ply mountboard within the capability of every framer.
Switchable magnetic blade holders on the Ultimat Futura make changing blades and holders for different depths of cut the simple, fast operation so necessary for the many different types of work that are processed in every busy framing workshop and the ergonomically designed cutting head is comfortable for left or right-handed operation.
Starting with the best and improving on it was a logical step and the winning features of the Ultimat Gold have been retained for the Futura including the roller 'lift and hold' system, patented micro-stops and uniquely designed baseplate to accept a range of readily available accessories.  The new high performance slideway and head system has been designed in response to the latest and future mountboard developments and will not only maintain but greatly increase the Keencut world leadership in manual matcutter design.  

The good news for any current owner of the original Ultimat or Ultimat Gold is that the Futura slideway, cutting head and stop system have been specifically designed to retro-fit to existing machines.



Ultimat Gold Matcutter

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The Ultimat Gold is quite simply the most technically advanced, versatile and easy to use manually operated mat cutter in the world. Built to exacting standards the precision engineered ULTIMAT GOLD will meet the requirements of the most skilled and creative picture framer year after year. The Ultimat Gold bench mounted mat cutter is tough, precise, built to last and exceptionally comfortable to use. The extra wide aluminium baseboard with integral grid markings will not warp, bend or break. The Ultimat Gold cutter head is fully adjustable to ensure no sideways play and the ingenious production stops guarantee zero overcuts or undercuts. The Ultimat Gold accepts a range of instant fit options to make it the most versatile mat cutter in the world.


Keencut EXCALIBUR is a unique cutting machine featuring two cutting heads combining to provide four cutting tools mounted for instant selection. Excalibur’s integral counterbalance ensures an easy glide cutting action, prevents damage when loading sheet materials, minimizes operator fatigue and increases production. Excalibur 5000 is second only to the new Keencut SteelTraK and has more advanced features than any competitive vertical cutter. Keencut Excalibur has been continually upgraded since its introduction in 1996, making it ideal for applications where the high performance of the SteelTraK is not required.

With a cutting capacity of 163 cm, Keencut Excalibur 5000 is equipped to cut Glass 6mm – PVC Foamboard 13mm – Fomecore 13mm- Cardboard – Acrylic (Plexi) 6mm– Xanita 13mm -  Polycarbonate – MDF 4mm - and much more without noise, dust or significant debris.
Keencut EXCALIBUR 1000x series Vertical Cutter features a single sliding counter-balanced head with 3 cutting and scoring tools ready for instant use. Excalibur 1000 is equipped to cut Glass - PVC Foamboard – Fomecore - Cardboard – Acrylic (Plexi) – Xanita and many more semi-rigid materials with a cut width of 163cm. Keencut Excalibur 1000X features a rigid clamping system, a set-for-life squaring mechanism and a standard wall mounting or optional free-standing kit; Excalibur provides a noiseless, dust-free and cost effective cutting solution for many of the materials used in a modern sign or graphic workshop.