Maxim Glue



Make all your black frames look great.
Fill and bond the corners at the same time. 
Maxim Raven is the same great strength as Maxim Blue.
Sets up in 5 minutes with a working bond in 15 minutes.
Goes on Grey, dries to a rich black finish. Produces a solid black corner without any filling.
Water cleanup while still wet.
It's fast and easy, just glue and wipe clean.
Ideal for glossy and mat finishes. 

Comes in 4 convenient sizes - 4.5oz. | 16oz. | 64 oz. | 128oz.


Dust Cover Adhesive

An economical alternative to ATG tape
This adhesive can be used in place of ATG tape when adhering the dust cover to your wood frame. Works on any type of wood or plastic surface. Dries clear, water clean up while glue is still wet. Dries tacky. Can be reactivated by simply applying water or heat.

Simple to apply
Apply a thing even bead 1/32" to 1/16" of dust cover adhesive to the frame, approximately 1/4" from the outside edge. Immediately place the dust cover in position aligning one or two of the edges of the frame. Using a burnishing tool or squeegee press the adhesive down and toward the outside edge. The adhesive will spread out and adhere the cover. Continue to press the other 3 sides, wipe any excess glue from the edge with water and trim cover. 

Simple to remove
Moisten only the edge of the dust cover with plain water using a paint brush or sponge. Multiple applications may be required to allow the water to penetrate the paper and loosen the adhesive. Peel off the paper and scrape away any remaining paper pieces. A new dust cover can now be reapplied. 



Maxim 1/15 sets up in just one minute. Itis great for very small mouldings, wood fillets or anything that needs to be glued fast!


Common features:

  • Drys Clear
  • Easily wipes off with a damp cloth (while still wet)
  • Will not deteriorate over time
  • Takes a stain after it has dried
  • Will not stick to sealed or coated surfaces
  • Comes in four sizes - 4 oz. 16 oz. Half Gallon and One Gallon.