Graphic Drymount Boards

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Graphic Foamboard

Introducing The Next Generation In Drymounting

Kool Tack Graphic is the first Drymount foam board that has the complete surface laid out as graph paper.

This graph is made to the highest tolerances that are required in the graphics industry.

The soft grey colored graph will not show through most any of the papers commonly used to-day.

Now you can layout your projects in seconds and not hours. Cut only the amount of board required, and reduce scrap and wasted time.

Graphic reduces scrap by 15% to 20% and will more than pay for itself with the very first use.

Graphic Drymount Regular Foamboard 3/16"

KTGR40 32x40 

KTGR60 40x60 

Basic Instructions on use

Kool Tack Graphic is the easiest drymount board to work with, and it is the safest because of the low drymounting temperature. It is the only drymount board that works at 150°F to 160°F in 15 to 20 seconds. It must be remembered that the temperature of most drymount presses are not very accurate, and therefor should be calibrated on a periodic basis.

( Refer to your owners manual ), or down load one from this web site. Using a release board will take more time since the heat must penetrate the board in order to activate the drymount adhesive.

The use of a release paper or PremaLon* will reduce the mounting time. Finally, the time for drymounting is after the vacuum had been drawn when using a vacuum press.

Tips for successful Drymounting

1. Make sure your drymount board and print are clean and free of dust and dirt.

2. When first starting up your press from a cold start, let it cycle at least 2 to 3 times in order for the temperature to stabilize and distribute evenly over the platen of the press.

3. For thick paper prints let the drymounting continue for another 8 to 10 seconds. This allows the heat to penetrate through the thick paper into the adhesive.

4. When the drymounting is complete, take it out of the press and let it cool before using. This gives the adhesive time to dry.

5. When drymounting photographs, never adjust the temperature over 170°F for this will damage the emulsion on the surfaceof the photograph. ( it is recommended that PermaLon* be used when drymounting photographs. This will eliminate the possibility of the “orange peel” effect.

* ( PermaLon is a super smooth drymount release film that works with Kool Tack )