Other Drymount Boards

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KoolTack All Black Foamboard

This all black drymount foamboard is made to the same high quality standards.

This board is recommended when drymounting newsprint or other types of paper where the reverse side print can show through.

All Black Drymount Foamboard 3/16" Only

KT3240-16BK 32x40

KT4060-16BK 40x60

KT4896-16BK 48x96


KoolTack “250" Super Tough Drymount Foamboard White 1/4" thick

An extremely rigid board with a super tough surface paper.

KoolTack, “250" Super Tough Drymount Foamboard White 1/4" thick

KT40-25 32x40

KT60-25 40x60

KT96-25 48x96

Kool Tack “500" Super Tough Drymount Foamboard White ½ " thick

Item No. Size

KT96-50 48x96


KoolTack “Gator Board” (Gator Board is a registered trademark of Alcan Company)

Due to popular demand, we are also pleased to offer Gator Board drymount.

KoolTack “Gator Board” (White) 3/16"

FB3240-16GW 32x40

FB4060-16GW 40x60

FB4896-16GW 48x96

KoolTack “Gator Board” (Black) 3/16"

FB3240-16BGB 32x40

FB4060-16BGB 40x60

FB4896-16BGB 48x96

KoolTack “Mounting Board”

KTX3240 32x40 (.048)

KT3X3240 32x40 (.090)

KTAFX3240 32x40 (.048) ACID FREE NEW !

KTBX3240 32x40 (.048) ALL BLACK NEW !

KoolTack “OEM Mounting Board”

This is a new addition to our line of mounting boards. It is designed for the OEM manufacturer where price is a consideration Assorted colors of mat board may appear in the shipment.

Boards are coated on back side (white side) unless specified.

KTOEM3240 32x40 (.048)

KTOEM4060 40x60 (.048)

Acid Free

KTOEMAF3240 32x40 (.050)