Perma Lon Release Board

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Perma Lon Non stick release film

Now achieve a perfect drymount every time with Perma Lon.

No more “orange Peel”, No more creases

No more excuses to your customers.

A perfectly smooth drymount every time

Perma Lon is the first ultra smooth release film that is designed to completely eliminate the “orange peel”, effect caused by the uneven texture associated with traditional release paper or release board.

Perma Lon is a permanent, ultra smooth transparent film that allows the picture to be seen through the film and is laminated to a .60 thick super tough Lexan ® sheet for more durability, and flexibility.

Use Perma Lon with ONLY smooth pictures or photographs. NEVER USE WITH HARD OBJECTS, such as Gator™ board, hard board, or TEXTURED SURFACES, such as fabric.


PL24 20x24 Generally used for smaller sized heat presses such as the Seal 210

PL36 30x36 Suggested use with the Seal 500, 500T, 500TX and the 550 series.

PL40 32x40

PL48 30x36 Recommended for 36x48 Vacuum Press

PL60 40x60

Lexan is a registered trademark with the Sabic Corporation.