CMP26-MS Cold-Mount® Motorized Tabletop Laminators 26"

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Cold-Mount® Motorized Tabletop Laminators 26"


  • Coda's Cold-Mount® motorized laminators perform a wide variety of mounting tasks, from simple pressure sensitive mounting to overlaminating. The motorized option allows for volume mounting and greater control over the lamination process.

  • The motorized laminator features a proven solid state speed control. Roller speed can be varied by turning a dial on the motor control box and is operated by a switch on the box or by the included foot pedal. The machine also has an infrared shutoff. Roller movement is stopped when the pulsed infrared beam is broken. Operation is resumed by a photocell reset switch. The machines are available with silicone coated rollers. The silicone rollers will reject any exposed adhesive.


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